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Author Topic: Moderation/Staff Letter of Application[Rascal In-Game]  (Read 76 times)


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on: January 18, 2021, 03:59:21 pm
Hello reader. My name is Mirza. I am writing from Bosnia. It is a country with a population of roughly 4 milion. Bosnia is a small country, with territory spanning over roughly 55.000 square kilometers. My favorite game will remain SA-MP, due to it being familiar to me like the area of my pocket.

     Reason that I am applying for will be easily understood through understanding the life of San Fierro Cops and Robbers community. My balancing the sides for robbers, and cops, frequent in-game monitoring is required due to tendency of players to play using prohibitions. My main and real goal is to healthcare the community, through in-game operations and through my diplomatic skills, and relationships. I have played SA-MP(2007). and my first server was an RPG one. Since then I played all game modes, but became most attached to CnR. I took enough time to realize server commands and rules. In my nature, I dont mix up things, such the basic  mistake in adminship is to include emotions in game. I pay attention to players emotions, which can be pleasing or unpleasing in ways of complimenting players or warning them for their chat attitude. So far, my experience lead me to learn almost  everything eyes could see in-game world or in player world.

Into community, I am coming with lots of treasures and virtues, such as activity,  well behavior, fluency, and straightforwardness.

1. Know every rule and the punishment that follows.
2. Need to be able to speak fluent English OR at least a language that gets used a lot in-game.
3. Be active in-game/Discord. (Minimum 2 hours a day in game)
4. Mustn't break the rules. If you got punished recently, wait and apply after a week passes.
5. You need to obey higher ranks and ALWAYS respect players.
6. ALWAYS respond to Questions or Reports.
7. Toxic players are automatically denied.

I have overminded rules and policies and declare to respect them, and fight for them ough I become administrator/moderator or gain ability to admin abilities. I will especially healthcare Rule.7.

In-game Name: Rascal

Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Age: MID 20s

List all your previous name in the community: I have registered only 2 accounts, one for police faction (which I cant remember anymore, maybe KabashiW could help me remember it. Because he remembers as good cop). My main account name is Rascal.

Why would you like to be an admin?: My main checkpoint of application is to take good of health and constitution of community, diplomatic relations, in game operations activity  of respecting and obeying rules, and especially Rule.7. In house of skills, I am as unpredicting as wather, because of which I call all my skills and virtues my treasure, which I am applying to sink with application.

Timezone & Time when you're online in the server : Greenwich 1

Are you in an admin team in other server (Yes/No):

Do you have experience as a staff member?: No.

Rate your experience(0/10): 9.8

Show here your stats(/stats -> General Statistics):


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Reply #1 on: January 18, 2021, 05:04:13 pm
I liked your style of dialogue
I think you would be a great addition to the server
Other than that you are active
And useful
I wish you success
And good luck


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Reply #2 on: January 18, 2021, 10:36:38 pm
You don’t meet the 50H playtime requirement, due to that this application will automatically be denied.


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