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on: December 27, 2020, 10:56:54 pm
Hello. This topic is for the players who want to make their gang official and get boards on forum. First of all everyone in the server needs complete some requirements to make their gang official. If the player's gang doesn't meet requirements his gang will not be official but, It will still be in-game, I would like to remind you guys that if the gang is not made official on forum that gang will not be able to have a Gang Facility. Please follow the Requirements to make your Gang Official, before applying please make sure you meet all the requirements.


1. Your Gang must have 10+ members.

2. Your Gang must have at least 1 Co-Leader.

3. Your Gang must have at least 5000 Respect Points.

4. Your Gang must be ready for turf wars, not like when there is a turf war going on and your gang hides or starts taking turfs with helicopters, this will not be tolerated.

5. Your Gang must be active in turf wars.

Format for applying:
What is your Gang's name?:

What is your Gang's Respect?:

How many players are daily active in your Gang?:

Why would You like to make your Gang Official?:

This is what your Gang will be able to do when your Gang will be Official:

You will be able to have a Gang Facility AND later on when your Gang will have at least 50000 Respect Points your will be able to have a HeadQuarter.

Official Gangs  at the moment:

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